DCFM offers clients a service to remove all the hassle associated with dealing with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA):

We annually complete the SP5 Application Form on behalf of the client,

Receive all correspondence from the RPA throughout the year (forwarding any documents that the client should be aware of, to the client),
Respond to any queries from the RPA on behalf of the client,
Check that the annual Entitlement Statement is correct in number and value,
Check that the Payment Statement is correct,
Conduct any transfers of entitlements that prove necessary,
Enact Cropping or Grazing Licence Agreements on the client’s land so that the client can continue to receive the Single Payment and also ‘Rent’.
Provide an accrual figure to your accountant for the Single Payment and Additional Amounts outstanding at the end of your financial year.
For New Entrants, in addition to the above list of services, we also register the client as a farmer with the RPA and for many receive the Single Payment in our client account, before deducting our agreed fees and then passing the balance to the client.
If you would like a quotation for the costs involved in our Single Payment Services, please email Duncan Clark providing your contact details and the area of your farm.

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