Entry Level Scheme

The Single Payment is an environmental payment, since it is conditional on reaching the Cross Compliance standards detailed in the legislation.

Every year, part of the Single Payment is taken away from applicants (modulation) and is then match-funded by the exchequer to fund environmental scheme such as the Entry Level Scheme (ELS).

In the Entry Level Scheme successful applicants are paid £30 per hectare per year over a 5-year term to farm in a more ‘environmentally-aware’ manner than the Cross Compliance Standards imposed by the Single Payment Scheme.
The Entry Level Scheme provides the applicant with many options (hedge and ditch management, buffer strips etc) to build accumulate 30 points per hectare. The trick is always to put together a scheme that amends the current farm management practices to the lest extent.

DCFM have great experience in applying on behalf of clients to enter the Entry Level Scheme.

If you would like a quotation for the costs involved in our Entry Level Scheme Services, please email Duncan Clark providing your contact details and the area of your farm.

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